Department Pyrolysis / Gas Treatment

Temp. Head of Department: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Stapf


Working Groups:





  • High Temperature/High Pressure dry sorption of trace contaminants
  • High Temperature/High Pressure Fixed bed and entrained flow sorption
  • Sorption properties of mineral sorbents in synthesis and pyrolysis gases
  • High Temperature/High Pressure sorption of CO2
  • Spectrometric online-analysis of trace contaminants of Cl und S species << 1 ppm



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  • Catalytic treatment of biogenic synthesis gases
  • Low temperature catalysts for tar, NH3, HCN conversion
  • Catalytic properties of filter media in synthesis and pyrolysis gases
  • Integration of catalysts in ceramic High Temperature/High Pressure filter media




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Pyrolysis and Thermal Degradation Processes



  • Upgrading of heterogeneous, organic fuels via intermediate pyrolysis (screw-type, rotary kiln, HALOCLEAN®)
  • Product properties with respect to energetic and material utilization
  • CHP pyrolysis-microturbine



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  • High Temperature/High Pressure filtration of synthesis gases and pyrolysis vapors
  • Filter systems for High Temperature/High Pressure prozesses
  • Nano-structured filter membranes for sticky fines, ashes etc.
  • HT tests of filter media/elements (VDI guideline 3677-3)
  • Combination with sorption and catalysis (bioliq® process) 
  • Recleanable HEPA filters




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