Department Technical Mineralogy

Head of Department: Dr. Peter Stemmermann


Working Groups:


Organic Analysis


As part of the research topics of the institute current analytical issues are addressed. The spectrum ranges from the determination of volatile organic compounds from pyrolysis oils to the characterization of silicate species in cements.
To this end, both gas chromatographic  (GC-MS, GC-FID) and liquid chromatographic methods  (HPLC, GPC) are used.


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Thermal Analysis


The research group Thermoanalysis bridges the gap between basic research and technical processes. Within the context of the implementation of a new technical process, we investigate and apply peculiar scientific and analytical tools and thus, contribute directly to the optimisation of technical processes by basic investigations of material properties and of reactions on molecular range. Emphasis is set on hyphenated analytical techniques and the development of novel quantification methods for coupled thermochemistry and spectroscopy.


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Inorganic- / Slag Analysis


Solid matter sampled in biomass heat and power plants and from other thermal processes is characterized by mineralogical and chemical methods. Processes like slagging and fouling are investigated in order to define optimization possibilities in cooperation with plant manufacturers and operators.

Another topic of the research group is the chemical and mineralogical characterization of residues from thermal processes in order to find their utilization potential.


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Energy Efficient Processes


Work focuses on the energy-efficient and low-CO2 production of high quality calcium silicates like Ca2SiO4 as feedstock for the production of building materials. In order to increase the resource efficiency, the utilization of a wide range of natural and secondary raw materials and the separation of valuable materials is investigated.
For the optimization of combustion processes new economic methods have been developed for low-emission and energy-efficient combustion, patented and licensed. These methods are already used commercially in industrial combustion plants and are further developed together with our industry partners.


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Building Materials


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