Procycle – ITC participates in a new NanoCare Project

Particle formation by thermal treatment of nanocomposites

Analysis and toxicological assessment of particulate matter from recycling and thermal treatment of nanocomposites (NC) and strategies to minimize risks are investigated in a new co-operative research project directed by Fraunhofer ICT. The focus of ProCycle is characterization of particulate matter and gases at the site of size reduction or thermal treatment of NC by physical, chemical and toxicological methods.


ITC conducts fundamental studies concerning


  • thermal stability of metal oxide agglomerates e.g. Titania
  • particle formation by combustion of NC at fixed bed reactor KLEEA.



In addition ITC will provide particle samples for toxicological characterization. These studies carried out by Institute of Applied Biology des KIT and University Hospital Freiburg will involve the Exposure station of Vitrocell Systems, which was previously developed in co-operation with ITC. In addition ITC co-operates with PALAS GmbH, specializing in the direct measurement of nanoparticles.



Starting in May 2015 the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding this cooperative research project on the topic of "Safe handling of synthetic nanoparticles - Studying the effects on humans and the environment - NanoCare".




Hanns-R. Paur, KIT/ITC