Institute for Technical Chemistry (ITC)

Department Gasification Technology

Working Group: Liquid Fuels / Atomization


Research interests:


  • Rheological characterization of high viscous liquids and suspensions (slurries) 
  • Handling of Slurry (pumping, stirring and sedimentation behavior); Applicability and optimization potential of measuring equipment 
  • Atomization of suspensions and liquids under atmospheric and high pressure conditions 
  • Design / Optimization of the burner nozzles for the atmospheric entrained flow gasifier REGA
  • Development of burners for high pressure entrained flow gasifiers

Test facilities:








Completed PhD:


2019 Nachwuchspreis der ProcessNet-Fachgruppe "Hochtemperaturtechnik" für die Dissertation: Zerstäubung hochviskoser Fluide bei variierendem Systemdruck - Grundlagenforschung zur Hochdruck-Flugstromvergasung, Dr.-Ing. Alexander Sänger

2017 ASME Turbo Expo, Best Paper Award in the Section Coal, Biomas & Alternative Fuels - Influence of Nozzle Design Upon the Primary Jet Breakup of High-Viscosity Fuels for Entrained Flow Gasification

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