Institute for Technical Chemistry (ITC)

Department Aerosols and Particles

Head of Department: Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Gehrmann


Working Groups:


Electrostatic Precipitators




To remove fine particles from combustion, pyrolysis and
gasification novel electrostatic precipitators are  developed in fundamental studies. The CAROLA®- Electrostatic Precipitators  clean offgas from industrial incinerators and from  residential wood combustion.



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Air Liquid Exposure Systems



To deposit reproducible amounts of nanoparticles onto biological interfaces (lung cells, bacteria) we develop the “Karlsruhe
Exposure System
”. This system is applied for the assessment of
the toxicity of nanoparticles and pollutants from biomass combustion.



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Nanoparticle Measurement  and Modeling


Investigation of

  • Formation and behavior of nanoparticles in high temperature processes
  • Thermal and chemical stability of Carbon fibers in high temperature processes

For this purpose, experiments are performed in lab and pilot scale as well as in industrial plants.

Numerical models are developed and validated.


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