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Prof. D. Stapf
Head of Institute
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Stapf

Karlsruhe Institute
of Technology (KIT)

Institute for Technical Chemistry
Platz 1  
D - 76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen
Building 403 Room 201

Phone +49(0)721 / 608 - 29271
Fax     +49(0)721 / 608 - 24373
eMail    Dieter StapfCyx4∂kit edu

Stephanie Preßmann
Stephanie PressmannFdm4∂kit edu


XX.XX.2017, 11:00-12:00 Uhr
Seminarraum ITC, CN, Bau 430





kommende ITC-Kolloquien

Seminar Hochtemperatur-verfahrenstechnik (B/M)

08.05.2017, 11-12:30 Uhr
IMK, Bau 435, Raum 2.05

"Catalytic Tar Conversion at Moderate Temperatures by Impregnated Catalytic Candle Filter"

Kengo Koutera


kommende Seminare Hochtemperatur-


Welcome to the Institute for Technical Chemistry (ITC)

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The ITC research teams develop thermochemical process chains. In a holistic approach, process steps are investigated from laboratory scale up to industrial scale. Following the key objective of sustainable transformation of the energy system, work is focused in raw material change as well as low quality feed material such as waste streams.

Research comprises development and application of specific measuring techniques to enable process understanding and simulation by means of theoretical modelling.

Furthermore, we run the gasification and high-pressure / high-temperature gas cleaning of the bioliq®-process, generating on-spec syngas for chemical production from biomass.

Two examples for current innovations driven by ITC research are the Celitement®-process to manufacture new types of cement reducing process inherent CO2 by-production drastically, and the Carola-Clean-Air® particle filtration technology for application at decentralized wood combustion.

The associated chair for High-temperature Process Engineering teaches at the KIT department “Chemical engineering”.


Zement aus Bergbaurückständen

KIT-ITC Partner im neuen Deutsch-Polnischen Projekt NOMECOR




New EU Project HiEff-BioPower

will demonstrate innovative Combined Heat and Power process with high temperature fuel cell technology (SOFC) for biomass gasification 1-10 MWtherm


Carola-Abscheider erhalten DIBt-Zulassung

Die im Rahmen des durch das ITC koordinierten FNR Verbund-vorhaben untersuchten Feinst-partikelabscheider nehmen wichtigen Meilenstein




Honoring the achievements by the VDI

Award for Fr. Daniela Baris at the competition "engineers and their achievements" from VDI