SEP - Slurry Experimental Plant

Characterization of fuel suspensions



With the Suspension Experimental Plant - SEP process relevant information for the bioliq® pilot plant in terms of different handlings and storage of biomass based suspensions (Slurrys) are investigate, in order to characterize the behavior and optimize the slurry-handling.

Goal of the investigations is to test measuring technique, pipe geometries and materials concerning there long term process stability. Further restart procedures of pump and stirrer after a breakdown are investigated while using suspensions.


Technical specifications:

Operating temperature Tliq = 20 – 80 °C


  • Viscosity
  • Density
  • Pressure
  • Pump- &  Stirring-Power
  • Temperature Profile
Operating pressure 1 – 65 bar
Pipe-Diameter 6 - 25 mm (variabel)
Mass flow 50 – 400 kg/h
Viscosity 1 - 5000 mPa s