Department Gasification Technology

Research group: Entrained flow gasification in CCLab

High pressure entrained flow gasification is an efficient technology for the production of a high-quality synthesis gas from a wide range of biogenic and anthropogenic waste streams. The syngas is especially suited for the production of base chemicals, but can also be fed to a gas turbine producing electricity. Due to this flexibility in feedstock and product high pressure entrained flow gasification contributes to a closed anthropogenic carbon cycle in a circular economy, as well as to coupling of circular economy and energy transition. Research on basic process technology is carried out at the 5 MW high pressure entrained flow gasifier as part of the CCLab. The gasifier is equipped with extensive measurement technology, which allows to study the processes during operation and validate research results, thus enabling optimization of the process and transfer into industrial scale. The Slurry Experimental Plant serves to examine the long-term process stability of measurement devices, pipe geometries and materials applying different fuel suspensions. Thus, the behavior of the fuel suspensions is characterized before feeding them to the high pressure entrained flow gasifier.

  • Characterization of the gasification behavior of biogenic and anthroprogenic fuel suspensions
  • Data for process optimization, validation of numerical simulation and for scale-up
  • Optimization of plant operation
  • Investigation of the behavior of the slag generated under high pressure and high temperature from inorganic fuel components
  • Influences on slagging behavior
  • Characterization of the flame zone applying an optical probe

Planning of experiments, balancing:

Characterization of the flame zone: