Department Gasification Technology

Research Group: bioliq®II - R&D Coordination

Research Interests:

The research group bioliq®II - R&D Coordination is concerned with issues relating entrained flow gasification under high pressure.

Current main issues are

  • Process data acquisition and validation in a complex pilot scale plant for numerical modeling / scale-up
  • Increase of process efficiency especially of the cold gas efficiency and the fuel conversion
  • Optimization of plant operation
  • Characterization of biogenic fuel suspensions, which are generated in the bioliq® pyrolysis process and converted into synthesis gas by gasification
  • Investigation of the behavior of slag, due to melting of inorganic ingredients of the biogenic fuels, generated in the entrained gasifier under high pressure and high temperatures
  • Influencing the flow behavior of this slag.

Test facilities:

  • bioliq®-High pressure entrained flow gasification
  • SEP Characterization of fuel suspensions