Resource Efficient Processes

We design processes for a circular economy in the minerals industry to recycle primary and secondary raw materials. Such matter is predominantly used in construction, implying large quantities and the opportunity for quality recycling, at best as a new binder substituting cement.

KreislaufKIT | ITC | Markus Oberacker 2022
There are two important and recurring topics:

a) synthesis processes are always connected to huge CO2 emissions because of the calcium involved and

b) recycling of e.g. concrete from demolition or mixed construction waste is in many cases actually downcycling as sub-construction of roads and disposal sites or mine backfilling - and not for re-introduction into production.

Crushed fines of concrete or production wastes are waste fractions with low grade...

...usage or even none at all. We design energy and material efficient processes and collaborate intensively with companies of waste processing, production, and application to use these materials for the replacement of primary resources for cement oder construction materials.