Plastic Pyrolysis

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The ITC research group Plastic Pyrolysis investigates the thermal degradation of mixed plastic waste. The definition of the input fraction ensures the concept and priorities of circular economy and avoids the concurrence with mechanical recycling. Among other laboratory-scale technologies for pyrolysis, an Auger reactor (single screw) with moderate heating rates on a pilot plant scale is used.

The research group investigates various technologies for pyrolysis as well as pre and post-processing units in order to increase the efficiency of chemical recycling by means of decreasing energy and material loss.

One of the goals is to provide data for modeling and simulation as well as process development and evaluation of real waste.

Current research focuses on temperature-graded pyrolysis, the targeted removal of impurities and the optimization of process parameters to obtain high product yields and to adjust the quality of specific products depending on the chosen downstream process.


The main area that the research group pursues

  • Technology Development & Scale-Up
  • High-quality products and pollutant removal
  • Technology-neutral, ecological and economic assessment of value chains
  • Modeling and numerical simulation of thermochemical conversion of plastics

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