Institute for Technical Chemistry (ITC)

Department Gasification Technology

Head of Department: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Kolb


Working Groups:





  • Fundamentals on gasification
  • Entrained flow gasification of solid and liquid fuels, slurry
  • Production of synthesis gas from biomass-based liquids and suspensions (slurry)
  • Experimental data for validation of models and simulation




Phone: ++49(0)721 / 608 - 28945

eMail: Sabine.Fleck∂


Liquid Fuels / Atomization


  • Atomization of suspensions and liquids under atmospheric and high pressure conditions
  • Development of burners for entrained flow gasifiers
  • Characterization of high viscous liquids and suspensions in terms of the physical properties relevant for the  atomization process



Phone: ++49(0)721 / 608 - 26763

eMail: Tobias.Jakobs∂



Modeling / Balances


  • Modeling of combustion and gasification processes
  • Validation of combustion and gasification processes
  • Balancing of gasifiers
  • Process simulation



Phone: ++49(0)721 / 608 - 25464

eMail: Ulrike.Santo∂



bioliq®-II - R&D Coordination


  • Scientific support and coordination of R&D work at the 5 MW Entrained Flow Gasifier for the bioliq® - Pilotplant which produces fuel from biomass based residue
  • Production of syngas from liquids and suspensions (biosyncrude) under high pressure (80 bar)



Phone: ++49(0)721 / 608 - 22979

eMail: Mark.Eberhard∂















HVIGasTech - Helmholtz Virtual Institute of Gasification Technology




  • Networking of leading research institutions aiming to develop  a knowledge based simulation tool for the design and scale-up of technical entrained flow gasifiers for a wide range of feedstock and products
  • Excellent scientific network focusing on promotion of highly-qualified  young scientists
  • Entrained flow gasifier for the energy system of the Future (Fuel / Load / Product – Flexibility) 
  • Model for reacting multi-phase system at high pressure validated on  laboratory and pilot plants




Phone: ++49(0)721 / 608 - 24749

eMail: Susann.Schaefer∂