Department Combustion- and Particle Technology

Particle Technology

Research interests:

  • Investigation on the behavior of particles and fibers in pilot scale and idustrial plants
  • Balancing of industrial plants via tracer nanoparticles
  • Basic investigations on the thermal behavior of nanoparticles in lab-scale flames
  • Basic investigations on the thermal behavior of Carbon fibers in high temperature processes
  • Modelling fixed-bed combustion
  • Measurement of nanoparticles via particle mass spectrometer in flames


Recent publications and patents: 

  • K. Hölemann, B. Daumann, W. Baumann, N. Teuscher. (2019).
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  • W. Baumann, N. Teuscher, M. Hauser, H.-J. Gehrmann, H.-R. Paur, D. Stapf (2017).
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