Load-flexible Pellet StoveApello13


APELLO 13 has a secondary stage to meet an increased heat demand more efficiently. A mill is used to grind wood pellets into smaller pieces. The dusty material is then fed directly into the flame of the primary burner. Due to the grinding, the specific surface area of the fuel is increased. This further improves the mass and heat transfer and results in a faster heat release.

The secondary stage not only increases the heat supply and therefore the flexibility but also the control characteristics of the boiler. Through appropriate dimensioning of the boiler, the heating system is proofed to be realised without buffer tank. For the first time, a heating system for solid fuels can be designed as an instant-on water heater.
At the same time, emissions are reduced and the energetic, ecological and economic balance of
pellet boiler is improved significantly.

Performance data APELLO 13
Nominal heat output 12 kW
Volume of burner pot 0.5 l
Height of solid bed 2 cm
Diameter of burner pot 10 cm
Weight of sample taken 250 g
Characterization of the burned material via load cell. Measuring of temperatures, gas- and dust concentration