Research Entrained Flow Gasifier REGA
REGA Anlagenbild mit FließschemaITC


Research at the atmospheric Research Entrained flow Gasifier REGA focusses on the gasification behavior of biogenic and fossil liquid and suspension fuels. The axially movable burner enables radial profile measurements of temperature, gas phase composition, gas velocities and drop size distributions at variable burner distance. Different reaction zones in the flame zone are localized applying Laser-induced fluorescence. The experimental data serve as basis for modelling the thermo-chemical processes under entrained flow conditions and for validation of numerical models simulating the gasification process.

Technical Data:

Pressure atmospheric Reactor diameter 0.28 m
Max. gas temperature 1600 °C Reactor length 3.0 m
Max. wand temperature 1200 °C Residence time 5 s
Fuel mass flow rate 3 – 20 kg/h Max. therm. load 60 kW
Gasification medium Air with oxygen enrichment up to 70 vol%
Fuel Liquids and suspension

Working group Gasification