In the high-pressure entrained flow gasifier of the Karlsruher bioliq®-process, the intermediate product (fuel suspension), resulting from the fast pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass (straw), is converted into a tar and soot-free synthesis gas. The gasifier is equipped with a central burner for highly viscous suspensions. The reaction zone is shielded by a cooling screen that is invented especially for high ash containing fuels.

The appropriate measurement technology and the design of reactor enable complete global mass-, species- and energy balances. Through the optical accessibility to the reactor in the burner and the gas outlet zone, data for process evaluation are available.


Technical Data:

Operating temperature 1000 - 1400 °C

Charge materials:

pumpable biogenic liquids and suspensions

Operating pressure 40 / 80 bar
Power 5 MW
Gasifying medium Oxygen / Steam