Testing facilities of the Group Combustion Technology



(Karlsruher Laboranlage zur Ermittlung des Abbrandverhaltens von Abfällen)
KLEAA was designed to characterise the combustion properties of fuels for grate firings and fix bed furnaces. In Combination with the service FuBe®, KLEAA is used to determine operating figures, which describe the thermal process. The service is especially interesting for companies, which are interested in using biomass as fuel for their own purposes.









(Brennkammer mit Dampfkessel)
is a power plant combustion chamber at pilot scale for gaseous, liquid and dust-type fuels with a cylindrical, vertically arranged combustion chamber and a thermal output of 2,5 MW. In order to reduce the CO2-Emissions caused by burning fossil fuels, biomass for generating power gain in importance.
With BRENDA the combustion and emission behaviour of conventional and alternative fuels used in power plants can be analysed.







Rotary kiln

Pilot plant for the combustion of solid lumpy, gaseous and liquid fuels with a thermal output of up to 1.5 MW.










(Anpassbarer Pelletofen)
has a secondary stage to meet an increased heat demand more efficiently. Hence an energy-efficient heating through load flexibility with renewable raw
materials is possible.
For more information about APELLO 13:
Zeitschrift „pellets“












(Druckverlust und Oberflächenbestimmung von Schüttgütern)
With the scientific system DOS pressure loss and porosity of bulk materials are measured. From these values, the reactive surface area of the material is then calculated.